Launching 1st October!

Join a community of people working in public service.

A safe space for people working in charities, social enterprises and in the public sector to get advice, support and help others. All anonymously.

What you can expect:

A place to discuss tricky problems, anonymously.

Whether it's issues with your team, worries about your organisation, or just a place to vent, we've got you covered. We'll also be running regular events to help you meet other people in the community.

Backchannel about funding and funders.

Share advice on what particular funders are looking for, and any issues you've had with them.

Recommendations and advice.

See recommendations for tools, products and ideas that can support your work. And share your own recommendations too.

Jobs and opportunities.

We'll be sharing jobs and opportunities from across the sector, and you can share your own too.

Ask to join now.