Why do charities switch to
plinth from Lamplight?

plinth has all the functionality of Lamplight, but it's free and does much more. Over 500 charities each month trust plinth to help them collect, store and manage information on clients, volunteers and services.

Everything you get from Lamplight, all for free.
Client Details
Registration Forms
Volunteer Details
Custom Fields
Address Labels
Export of Data
Case Notes
Store Pictures/Documents
Restricted Accounts
Filtering Records
Live Support
How to Guides

Plus what you never knew you needed...

Take payments online

Allow people to pay for activities with card or online in advance.

Easily track who has and hasn't paid and send easy to use payment links for those outstanding or just track who has paid in cash.

Give automatic discounts for those who need it most.

Ebenezer Scrooge£0.50
Tiny Tim£15.00
Evil Corporate£325.00
Paid Cash
Miss Havisham£15.00
Bob Cratchitt£5.00

Get more from your reports

Automatically map your users to wards, local authority areas and CCGs.

Integrate public data, to get actionable insights and learn more from your monitoring report.

Leverage your reporting to show off your impact in grant applications and to get more funding.

Your data on a map

Share when activities are available

Embed your calendar of activities on your website with a few clicks.
Link it up with your monitoring, so everything is kept up to date.

How it works:

Registration Form

What's the catch?

There is no catch, it’s genuinely free for you to use. We make money by working with Local Authorities and Housing Associations to support them in collaborating with the organisations they fund.

Our promise to you

Backed by our support and security

Keep your data safe, and keep your team in control.

Keep your data secure

All your data is encrypted at rest and in transit. It's protected by row-level security, so no one can access it without your explicit permission

Don't get lost

Access our help centre for full information and guidance on how everything works.

Keep your team in control

Add exactly as many staff accounts as you need, for no extra cost. Add and remove these accounts at any time. You can also restrict access to sensitive details to particular individuals.

Contact us anytime

Use our live chat support whenever you need help. We almost always reply within 5 minutes, and we'd love to hear from you about how we can make plinth work better for you.

The modern way to run your charity