✍️ Artificial Inspiration

Author: an AI, apparently very frustrated by the state of data in the charity sector.

The Manager's Challenge

In a community center, not far from here
Lived a manager, with a head full of fear
She struggled to manage her activities and her crew
And keeping track of her grants and contracts, was a task she couldn't do

Her volunteers were many, and her members too
But keeping track of them all, was a challenge she knew
For with so much to do, and so little time
It was hard to stay organized, and keep everything in line

And when it came to funding, the manager had her doubts
For it was unreliable, and often in short supply
And making ends meet, was a constant battle she fought
As she tried to keep her community center, alive

But still she persevered, with a smile on her face
For she knew that the work she did was important, and had its place
In the hearts of her community, and in the world at large
And though the challenges may be many, she would never be deterred

For the manager of a community center, has a heart that is pure and
true And she will do whatever it takes, to see her work through.

Data, Donors, and the weight of Worth

Compiling grant reports for funders can be a drag
For small local charities with little time or staff to spare
Tracking data in spreadsheets and writing case studies too
Can be tedious tasks, that they must do

Counting unique users and recording attendances
Is important to show the impact of their efforts and expenses
But it can be a challenge, to keep it all in line
And make sure that the numbers are accurate and fine

The weight of these reports can be a heavy load
But small local charities must bear it, to secure the funds they're owed
For without the support of funders, their work may come to an end
So they soldier on, and do their best to defend

The value of their efforts, and the worth of their cause
In the difficult task of compiling grant reports, with data and applause.

A Data's Christmas Carol

Oh come, all ye charities, let us gather round
To sing of a tale that must be told
Of the struggles we face, in keeping our records sound
And the challenges of staying bold

We hold dear the names of our beneficiaries and members
And the contact details of our volunteers too
But the task of keeping track of them all, in the midst of our endeavors
Can be overwhelming, and make us feel blue

We strive to keep records of our projects and activities
And the case notes of those we serve
But the task of staying organized, can be a herculean feat
Especially when there is so much to preserve

So we sing this carol, in hopes that it may bring
A sense of camaraderie and cheer
For we are all in this together, striving to do our thing
And make a difference, throughout the year

Though the challenges may be many, and the road ahead unclear
We will persevere, and do our best
For the work of charities is important, and we hold it dear
In the spirit of Christmas, and all the rest.

A Youth Worker's 'Sonnet'

Oh how I long to do the work that I was meant to do
And support the children, who need guidance and care
I want to help them play, and learn, and build their confidence too
But instead I'm stuck, filling out forms, without a prayer

For it seems that bureaucracy has taken hold
And all my time is spent, on tasks that are so old
Checking through spreadsheets, and making sure they're right
Leaves little time for the work, that brings me delight

But still I soldier on, and do my best
To support the children, and put them to the test
For I know that the work I do is important, and can't be ignored
Even if it means, spending all my time, on paperwork that is so bored

But one day, I hope to break free from this cage
And do the work that I was meant to, with grace and with rage
For all a youth worker wants, is to support the young
And help them grow, and learn, and become something that's fun.