We're here to unleash the power of community organisations.

To help these organisations be more effective, reach more people and to get more funding.

How are we going to do that?

Local community organisations are often best placed to deliver key services. They are embedded in and trusted by their communities. But, due to their lack of funding, they are massively overworked. This means they don't have time to measure and show the difference they make to society. We make that easy, giving them more Time to Spare to spend with the people they are set up to help.

A quick Google search can tell you how much a week in hospital costs the NHS, but it can't tell you how many weeks in hospital beds a Community Centre will save. That's real money and real impact delivered to society that goes unnoticed and unappreciated. If we can demonstrate the impact of small charities and social enterprises, Government and other funding sources will recognise their value more.

Are you a charity, or are you evil?

No we aren't a charity, but we aren't evil either. For various reasons it made more sense for us to set up as a limited company. If you want to know those reasons, we wrote a blog.