Partner with us to build the world's best community impact platform.

And earn recurring income for each organisation you send our way.

The benefits of being a

Access to a Slack channel with the development team.

Providing a space to discuss problems, challenges and ideas for improvements, as well as providing immediate support if any of the organisations you work with are having issues.

Training for you and your team.

We can run training days for your team, webinars for the organisations you work with, and have a wealth of resources available to read in your own time. If we don't have it, you can let us know on the Slack channel!

Advertising to 1,000+ community organisations.

We'll list your profile on our website, and what work you can support with, visible to over 1,000 organisations - a number that's growing fast!

Monthly revenue share.

Earn a 25% commission for any organisations you refer to us. We'll pay you each month. You can pass it on to the organisation as a discount, or keep it for yourself - up to you.

For charities, commissioners or community networks you work with:

All their client, activity and impact data in one place.

No more spreadsheets, reading each other's handwriting and sending emails back and forth with sensitive data. Keep a shared calendar, client records, case notes and record of outcomes all in one place.

Support to access new funding opportunities.

As well as grant application forms, plinth automates the process of monitoring and reporting to funders. Reporting on outputs, outcomes, diversity and impact is all user-friendly and easy to understand.

Embedding impact in practice.

Turn your recommendations into reality, by building your impact frameworks into an organisation's day-to-day processes, so your work is still actionable long after you leave.

Improve access to their services.

Groups can work together in referral networks, can maintain a shared calendar of activities. Or a calendar can be embedded on an organisation's webiste and then activities can be booked, and even paid for, directly.

Backed by our world-leading customer support.

We're real people. We'll help organisations if they get stuck, and we've got the stats to back that up.

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